Backlit Signs

Backlit Signs are an eye-catching and effective way to advertise your business or promote upcoming events. These signs are designed to stand out brightly even in low-light environments, making them optimal for outdoor spaces like storefronts, restaurants, and bars. 

The backlight is provided by LED lights, which make these signs environmentally-friendly and long-lasting.

Backlit Signs can be customized to suit your exact needs. They come in various sizes, from small single-panel designs to larger ones with multiple panels. The top panel of the sign can be printed with text and/or graphics, while the sides can be left clear or printed with additional designs. You can choose from hundreds of fonts, colors, and images to create the perfect custom look for your business.

Backlit Signs are durable and weather-resistant, so they won’t fade or become worn over time. As well, the LED lights provide consistent illumination, so they won’t flicker or dim as the lights in traditional signs do.

Backlit Signs are sure to be the perfect addition to your business’s storefront signage, providing a bright, eye-catching advertisement that stands out even in dim environments. Create a unique look for your business and draw in customers by using Backlit Signs today!

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Outdoor Backlit Signage

Outdoor backlit signage are great for businesses looking to make a strong impression and attract attention. With their vibrant and illuminated display, these signs are highly visible even in low light conditions. Whether it’s a restaurant, retail store, or corporate office, outdoor backlit signage can effectively showcase a brand’s logo, promotional messages, and important information. 

These signs are also weather-resistant, ensuring durability and longevity. The eye-catching nature of backlit signs makes them an excellent investment for increasing brand awareness and driving foot traffic to any business.

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What are Backlit Signs?

Backlit signs are a type of signage that uses illumination to enhance visibility. These signs are designed with a light source behind the display. This helps to highlight the graphics and make them stand out. Backlit signs are commonly used in advertising and branding applications, as they provide a vibrant and eye-catching display. 

They are often used in retail stores, restaurants, and airports to attract customers and promote products or services. With advancements in LED technology, backlit signs have become more energy-efficient and cost-effective. 

They offer versatility in terms of size, design, and placement options, making them a popular choice for businesses looking to make a lasting impression.

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Custom Backlit Signs for Businesses

Custom Backlit Signs are a popular choice for businesses looking to make a bold statement. These signs are designed to stand out, with vibrant colors and illuminated lettering that attracts attention day and night. Whether you need a sign for your storefront, trade show booth, or even a custom sign for your home, backlit signs offer a sleek and professional look. 

With advancements in technology, these signs can be customized to fit any design, logo, or message. Whether you want a single-color or full-color display, there are options available to suit your needs. Custom backlit signage is a great way to enhance your brand visibility and make a lasting impression on your audience.

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Benefits of Backlit Signs

The primary benefits of backlit signs are visibility and aesthetics. Backlit sign letters are eye-catching and make it easy to draw attention to a business, product, or event. The illuminated signs are also easier to read during the day and night, increasing the visibility of the message. Backlit sign letters can be seen from far away, making them ideal for outdoor advertising campaigns.

Backlit signs have a three-dimensional look that adds a layer of depth to the message. They can be used to create a branded look or to reinforce the identity of a company. The light emitted from the sign can be used to create a mood or atmosphere, as well as to create a feeling of energy.

Backlit signage is also energy-efficient and cost-effective. They require low voltage and use LED lighting that is energy-efficient and long-lasting. This type of sign is also highly customizable, allowing for the creation of unique designs that will make a business stand out. They can be used to create one-off signage solutions or can be used as part of an integrated branding strategy.

Outdoor Backlit Signs

A backlit sign is a type of sign that uses light to illuminate the sign, typically LED or fluorescent bulbs. These type of signs are becoming increasingly popular for businesses, as they are easy to read and give an eye-catching display. Backlit sign letters are often used for advertising on a building. 

The different types of backlit signage include edge lit signs, light box signs, neon signs, LED signs, and channel letter signs.

Halo lit letters are usually made using a reverse channel letter. This process involves cutting the metal sign face into individual letter shapes and a return is built around the edge of each letter. Next, the letters are mounted on a halo lit box and illuminated with LEDs.

When it comes to creating a high-visibility illuminated display for signs, logos, and storefronts, halo-lit letters are a popular choice. These letters are designed to emit a soft glow, creating a striking visual effect. Using LED lights placed behind the letters, halo-lit signs offer a modern and sophisticated look. They can be customized to match any design, making them versatile for various businesses and establishments.

Backlit Letters and Logos are powered by electricity. Typically, they are illuminated using LED lights or tubes. These lights are connected to a transformer that converts the power from the wall outlet to the desired voltage. The electricity then runs through a switch that turns the light on and off. Depending on the size and complexity of the backlit sign, the power could either be supplied through direct wiring or through a wireless system.

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